Terms and Agreements

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I (hereinafter referred to as Applicant) am aware that any omissions, falsifications, misstatements, or misrepresentations above may disqualify Applicant. Applicant understands that any information Applicant gives may be investigated as allowed by law. Applicant consents to the release of information about Applicant’s ability, employment history, and fitness for employment by employers, schools, law enforcement agencies, and other individuals and organizations to investigators, personnel staff, and other authorized agents of Manfield Group USA.  This consent shall continue to be effective during Applicant’s agreement with Manfield Group USA. Applicant certifies that to the best of Applicant’s knowledge and belief all of the statements contained herein and on any attachments are true, correct, complete, and made in good faith. Applicant further acknowledges and agrees to the following; that Manfield Group USA is not responsible for any benefits to or the payment of any salary or wages earned by an Applicant or otherwise payable by  Client/Employer and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Manfield Group USA harmless from payment of wages and benefits and any liability or obligation for an Applicant's employment.  Applicant shall indemnify and hold Manfield Group USA  harmless from any and all liability related to any suite or federal taxes, including but not limited to, Social Security, Medicare or Federal withholding taxes relating to income earned by Applicant as a result of a Manfield Group USA placement.  Accordingly Applicant, shall hold harmless and indemnify Manfield Dental Group USA and attorney's fees resulting from, or attributable to (i) any acts or omissions by Employer or an Applicant while the, Applicant performs services for Employer; and (ii) any act, omission, or misrepresentation of Employer to an Applicant in conjunction with a Manfield Group USA placement.

Applicant's Obligations/Rights. Within lawful parameters Applicant has the option to decline any Client/Employer referred by Manfield Group USA.

Once an Applicant has been sent by Manfield Group USA to a Client/Employer, Applicant agrees to keep Manfield Group informed of all communication with Client/Employer throughout the interview process to include updates on phone interviews, onsite interviews, working interviews, job offers and start dates.

 If that same Applicant accepts employment (either temporarily or permanently) with, or is otherwise hired by Client/Employer during the ensuing 12 months following the last sent date of that Applicant by Manfield Group USA, Applicant remains obligated to notify Manfield Group USA of the terms or change in job position of any such subsequent employment and in temporary assignments, the days (or hours. as the case may be) that Applicant performs or will perform services for Client/Employer. Applicant shall promptly comply with this obligation and notice requirement irrespective of whether the Applicant has been contacted directly by Client/Employer, another employment placement service or other third party who learned of the employment opportunities from Manfield Group USA.  The Applicant is not an employee of Manfield Group USA but of the Client, and the Client is responsible for completion of a W2 or 1099 as the case may be.

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