Monthly Archives: February 2019

Tooth Loss Can Be Related to Malnutrition 

From a Rutgers study published on October 25th, 2018 we find evidence of tooth loss related to malnutrition. Read that carefully, because it is stating that malnutrition is caused by tooth loss, and not studying the case of tooth loss due to malnutrition. We have been aware that chronic malnutrition causes a lack of vitamins that can lead to […]

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Regrowing Dental Tissue With Stem Cells from Baby Teeth

Researchers in China have shown that a very common childhood tooth condition can be fixed by regenerating dental tissue with stem cells from baby teeth. The team transplanted stem cells from baby teeth into injured teeth of children and discovered that it was able to regenerate dental pulp in the injured tooth. Impressively, the regenerative dental pulp […]

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