A Diet That Is Good for Your Teeth

A Diet That Is Good for Your Teeth

Almonds are Good for your teeth!
How many times have you been told eating candy will make your teeth fall out? We hear a lot about the foods we should avoid, but are there foods that are actually good for your teeth? Turns out that the answer is, yes!

Cheese and Yogurt
One of the main culprits in tooth decay are the acids that are produced as your mouth begins to digest sugars and carbohydrates. Cheese and yogurt contain protein and calcium that aid in raising the pH level in the mouth which counteracts the effects of the acids. In addition, yogurt contains probiotics that help promote the growth of good bacteria in the mouth. Be careful to avoid yogurts that are filled with added sugars.

Leafy Greens
Not only are leafy greens easy on your calorie count, they are good for your teeth and gum health. Greens such as kale and spinach are good sources of calcium which helps strengthen tooth enamel. They also contain B vitamins that assist in repairing damaged gums.

Crunchy Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts
It may not be practical to brush your teeth when you are out and about, but vegetables can help in a pinch. Crunchy vegetables and fruits such as celery, apples, carrots, and almonds act like a toothbrush by cleaning food and bacteria away from your gums. They are also high in water and fiber and cause increased saliva production which helps rinse away bacteria. Additionally, Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption and Vitamin A promotes healthy blood vessels and tissues in your gums.

Tea and Milk
Black tea has been shown to reduce plaque buildup on teeth. Researchers believe this is because the tea causes bacteria to lose its ability to bond with other bacteria. Having a glass of milk after a sugary snack or meal has also shown to be more beneficial than water in reducing sugar in the mouth.
While most people consider their weight and body health when they diet, the benefits to your teeth and mouth are important, too. When you consider your next grocery list, remember that you are feeding your mouth as well as your body!