The Back End of Recruiting

The Back End of Recruiting

In the new times of searching for quality individuals to provide our discerning clients, here at Manfield Group USA we are continuously faced with challenges of verifying, researching information submitted to us by prospective candidates and uncovering information that isn’t.  Like a puzzle’s pieces fit together, so must areas of our candidate’s backgrounds.  As Dr. Phil says, “the best predictor of a person’s future is their past.” An experienced recruiter can often times identify potential issues with a candidate based on many areas of a candidate’s history.

Work history is a percentage piece of information that as an owner of a business tells a large story.  For example, if they have several employers listed and all of them are short term that is a flag to us. I ask the question, “Why are you job jumping?”  We would rather see 2 positions they held long term than several short term positions.  Unless they have good verifiable reasons for this, they would not be a candidate for Manfield, since our platform is providing long-term placements for our clients.   Our reason for this is clear.  One, the chances of them staying anywhere we place them is questionable.  And two, we would not feel this would be in the best interest of our client.

Here at Manfield Group USA, we explore all avenues available to us so that you may feel secure and confident that we’re doing our job and our due diligence to provide you with qualified and ethical candidates. Recently, we are noticing an increased level of candidate information which cannot be verified and the discovery of many assorted personal and criminal records which could be disastrous to an honest business.  So where do you go from here?  Well I can tell you where WE go…WE STOP AT THIS POINT!  Standards of Manfield Group are equal to or exceed yours.  We could not in good conscience refer anyone to you that wouldn’t measure up to our standards!

The entire process of clearing a candidate for placement with a Manfield client can be tedious but it is important that we maintain our high standards to retain our client’s trust.  In addition to matching our client’s skills and personality requirements for their practice, it is mandatory that ALL of our due diligence is complete with each and every applicant. Our process helps find that perfect match.  Our goal is to secure a comfort level, trust and satisfaction in your relationship with Manfield and your newly found employee.

We look forward to assisting you in your next pursuit for your next team member.


Til next time….

Judy & Terry