Water Flossing Is More Effective Than Traditional String Floss

Water Flossing Is More Effective Than Traditional String Floss

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It’s time to talk about flossing. You’ve heard it for years; brush and floss your teeth twice a day for optimal mouth cleanliness, keeping your hygiene habits unoffensive, and overall health. While most individuals under a certain age threshold associate flossing with Fortnite or backpack kid, the stringy white wax that’s been around since 1815 you shimmy between your teeth can often be equally cringe-worthy to experience. For some, the experience of flossing has never been pleasant or easy. If you are one of these individuals who dislike the sensation or find that floss is just too cumbersome or downright unpleasant, water flossing is another option to explore. The practice of water flossing has already been clinically proven to be a better option than traditional flossing. In a controlled study, water flossing beat out traditional flossing as being 18% more effective at reducing plaque overall. Dentists and science agree that water flossing is the superior way to keep plaque at bay.

Water flossers work to remove plaque and food particles by using pressurized water to clean between your teeth and gumline. The pressurized water is able to reach areas that traditional floss is not able to, including beneath the gumline and front of teeth. Plus, you get to be the star of and play your own at-home carnival game. Step right up and shoot that plaque out of your mouth! Giant stuffed teddy bear prize not included.

Not sure if a water flosser is right for you? Your dentist will likely recommend it if you have inflamed gums, gingivitis, crowded teeth, or teeth in odd positions. The effectiveness of water flossing is ideal for individuals with teeth that are crowded or tightly spaced as well as those that have teeth in odd positions as the pressurized water can reach in between these spaces easier than traditional floss. It is also beneficial for inflamed gums as water flossing removes particles at and below the gumline. Those suffering from gingivitis may need to employ caution with water flossing or wait until bleeding of the gums subsides before implementing a water floss routine but will also benefit from water flossing as it improve their overall oral and general health.

Popular brands of water flossers include Waterpik, Zerhunt, Philips Sonicare, and VAVA. These brands range from $40 - $70 and include removable tips so that everyone in your family can enjoy the benefits of water flossing.