Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Going The Dentist

Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Going The Dentist














Going to the dentist is downright scary for some. If you suffer from dental anxiety, you might find yourself making excuses to not go. However, there are many oral ailments that require urgent attention and shouldn’t be ignored.

You have pain or swelling in the face, mouth, jaw, or neck

This could be a sign of infection and needs urgent medical attention.

Your gums are inflamed, puffy, discolored, or bleeding

If your gums are giving you discomfort, there’s a chance you may be suffering from gum disease.

You have fillings, crowns, implants, or dentures need maintenance

Regular maintenance can prevent loose fillings and other types of oral annoyances resulting from dental work.

You have difficulty chewing or swallowing

If it hurts to chew or swallow, your teeth or jaw could be the culprit. A visit to the dentist can rule out any dental-related reasons you’re experiencing these symptoms.

You have dry mouth

Dry mouth can cause loss of tooth enamel. If your mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva, this can also lead to plaque buildup and calcification which can only be removed by a dentist.

You suffer from bad breath

While bad breath is common, persistent bad breath that doesn’t go away after regular brushing and flossing could mean it’s time for a deep dental cleaning.

You have cracked or chipped teeth

If your teeth or cracked or chipped, get to a dentist ASAP. Hairline fractures in teeth are painful and can cause other oral complications.


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