Top 3 Mistakes Dentists Make when Applying for a Job

Top 3 Mistakes Dentists Make when Applying for a Job

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SPELL CHECK! It’s amazing that with technology where it is that some people still don’t use Spell check! This is a huge red flag to most hiring managers and recruiters because it shows a lack of attention to detail. Not a good trait to have if you’re a Dentist and interested in a new position!

Resumes or Curriculum Vitae’s should have more than just one-liners about a previous position. We want to know what skills and strengths you can bring to the table. Skills, Education and Motivation can be effectively communicated with more details on previous job positions, clinical studies, publications and even pictures of cases. No need to submit a 10 page resume (yes, I’ve had these) but providing more detail that spans 1-3 pages is helpful!

While resumes showcase your professional side, a well-written cover letter can show your personality, goals and what matters most to you in your profession. Your goals, time frame for a new position and when you’re available to speak is great starting point.

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Terry and Judy