Yes, You Can Manage Holiday Stress

Yes, You Can Manage Holiday Stress

Holiday StressJust when you turn around, we have the holidays upon us again. This time of year can be joyful and exciting, filled with all kinds of fun treats, friends and family gatherings and for the most part, it is a happy time of year where we can all take this time to celebrate. Along with this comes the stress of shopping, getting ready for the holidays and running your business can take a back seat.

Most dentists and teams also will experience the influx of patients trying to get in before the end of the year to use the remainder of their benefits.

BROKEN APPOINTMENTS from patients that are busy during this time can be frustrating. A reminder a few days prior to their appointments often helps cut down on no shows as well as a having a cancelation policy in place your patients understand. Most of time a patient will keep that appointment rather than to pay a  cancelation fee.

STAYING ON TIME is very important as patients are busy this time of year also. Make sure your schedule makes sense and your doctor and team can keep up. You need to take in considerations late shows and the unpredictable. Also keep in mind that your Hygienist is going to very booked at this time of year, which means your doctor will be doing more exams in-between their operative procedures. Running behind is one of the leading causes to stress in the dental field. No one likes running around crazy, it stresses the staff, and dentist and then you have to deal with irate patients. Stay on time!!!!!

TEAM VACATIONS: Keep in mind that your staff will be taking off time during the holiday session. Plan ahead and make sure your team understands your expectations during this time of year

RELAX: Have a good time with your patients. A happy team will make your patients feel much more relaxed about being there and reduce their stress during this holiday session. A positive warm atmosphere will be welcoming to your patients.

Happy Holidays

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